The I n t e r p o s t a l   S e a l s Of Egypt: 1864-1892


Covers Bearing Cancelled Interpostal Seals

Legend has it that only five covers are known to exist with cancelled interpostal seals.

To the left: A rare franked type iv-c Alessanria Interpostal Seal affixed to the reverse side of a Cover from Alexandria to Ferrara Italy via brindisi through the italian Post Office  in alexandria cancelled by the ‘234’ postmark and stamped with Alessandria d’egitto poste italiane cds dated 17-1-1872. The type iv-c seal was introduced in 1870.


Type Iv Kehr cat No. 96 Interpostal Seal of Massaua, black on green, used with the ''Regie Poste Egiziane Massaua''
negative seal handstamp in black, cancelled by Alexandria
cds dated 12 August 1874.

Below: Type V Scibin El Kom torn partial interpostal seal tied with Cairo cds dated Dec 16 1874. Affixed to the reverse side of an official wrapper from Shibin El Kom to Cairo, with Shibin El Kom negative seal  and "POSTE V. R. EGIZIANE / SCIBIN EL COM" cds

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