The I n t e r p o s t a l   S e a l s Of Egypt: 1864-1892


Alessandretta 1871 36n35 36e11 Turkey


Bairout 1870 33n53 35e30 Lebanon


Barbar 1875 18n01 33e59 Sudan


Barbara 10n25 45e00 Somalia


Cavala 1870 40n56 24e25 Greece


Constantinopoli 1865 41n01 28e57 Turkey


Dabroussa 1890 21n58 31e21 Sudan


Dardanelli 1869 40n09 26e24 Turkey


Dongola 1875 19n10 30e29 Sudan


Galipoli 1871 40n24 26e40 Turkey


Gedaref 1877 14n02 35e23 Sudan


Gedda 1866 21n32 39e10 Saudi Arabia


Iaffa 1871 32n02 34e44 Israel


Kartum 1873 15n28 37e24 Sudan


Kassala 1875 15n28 36e24 Sudan


Korti 1885 18n07 31e33 Sudan


Lagos 1870 41n00 25e06 Greece


Latakia 1870 35n31 35e47 Syria


Leros 1873 37n09 25e50 Greece


Massawa 1868 15n36 39e26 Eritrea


Mersina 1871 36n48 34e38 Turkey


Metelino (Lesbos) 1870 39n13 26e13 Greece

Rodi 1872 36n22 28e13 Greece


Salonicchi 1870 40n37 22e57 Greece


Scio 1870 38n22 27e07 Greece


Senhit ms 16n53 37e36? Eritrea


Sennar 1877 13n32 33e36 Sudan


Smirne 1865 38n25 27e08 Turkey


Suakin 1868 19n07 37e20 Sudan


Tani 1885 18n01 31e24 Sudan


Tenedos (Bozca Ada) 1870 29n49 26e03 Turkey

Tokar 18n26 37e44 Sudan


Tripoli 1871 34n26 35e51 Lebanon


Volo 1870 39n21 22e56 Greece


Wadi Halfa Camp 1896 21n53 31e18 Sudan


Wadi Halfe 1874 21n49 31e16 Sudan


Zajla 1876 11n20 43e29 Somalia


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