The I n t e r p o s t a l   S e a l s Of Egypt: 1864-1892


               Literature and Publications on the Interpostal Seals of Egypt

The Interpostals of Egypt, issued over 150 years ago have long fascinated philatelists all over the world. We have put together the most complete list of articles and books written on this subject. See it here...

 An 1867 magazine article showing the Type II Egyptian Interpostal and describing the Seals as official stamps to be affixed to the flaps of envelops and are obliterated by the receiving office.

The above Interpostal Seals Catalogue was published by George Chapier in French, April 1950, 23 pages . Chapier referred to the Interpostal Seals as “Vignette de Franchise”, which means Franking Stickers.

The publication to the left by O. May, is the earliest known attempt to fully catalogue the Interpostal Seals. It was published in August 1915 by the London-based Fiscal Philately Society, it contains 40 pages with various illustrations.

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