THE I n t e r p o s t a l  S e a l s OF EGYPT:1864-1892

TYPES IV and IVa , January 1868

Types IV, issued January 1868, are divided into two: Type IV and IVa See illustration below to identify the type. Kehr describes them as follows:

    Inscribed “POSTE YICE REALI EGIZIANE” in white letters on a background of cross-hatching around the top arch; and town name in coloured letters around bottom of the same arch-panel. The whole enclosed by a circular frame of thick, thin and thick lines and finally, around outside, a double-thick line measuring 39 mm in diameter. The Arabic inscription, "Busta Masrieh Mirieh" - which means Official Egyptian Mail - is arranged in three lines in the centre in coloured lettering on a background of fine vertical lines. Printed in black on tinted paper, except as mentioned.

In Type IV

  • The letter, 0, in POSTE, is  rectangular.
  • The letter, G, in EGIZIANE, is clear and distinct.


The 1915 O. May Catalog describes Type IV issue in more detail below:

    Letter 0 is nearly rectangular, and G is made clearly, as follows : " G " ; also inscription is in rather thin letters, with good spaces between words : e.g., 2 mm. between " VICE " and " REALI " at tops of letters. (1868-71).

In Type IVa

  • The letter, 0, in POSTE, is round.
  • The letter, G,in EGIZIANE, is shaped more like a C.


The 1915 O. May Catalog describes Type IVa issue in more detail below:

    Letter 0 is oval, and G poorly shaped, thus : " G " ; inscription is in thicker lettering, with less space between words : e.g., 1.5 mm. between " VICE " and " REALI ". (1869-74).

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